Labelling and Packaging

It is important to bear in mind that any goods sent via air will be subject to being handled multiple times on their journey and therefore the packaging used has to be able to withstand this. Poor or incorrect packaging can sometimes lead to goods being damaged in transit and unfortunately will not be covered by insurance.

Always use brand new rigid boxes which are strong enough to transport your goods. Generally we recommend that anything over 10kgs is transported in a double lined corrugated box, anything over 25kg in the triple lined corrugated box and anything over 45kg in a wooden box. Any fragile items need to be carefully packaged in polystyrene and boxes should be correctly sealed with strong packaging tape on all sides.

If you have multiple boxes it is generally cheaper and safer to send your boxes on a pallet than sending your boxes separately. It is important that the pallet is well wrapped and the boxes inside are secure. We recommend using shrink wrapping as opposed to hand stretch film roll where possible.

Our various pallet sizes are listed here.

All parcels should have just one address label which clearly has the delivery and return information displayed, and a further copy should be placed inside of the parcel.

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